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About the Company

UVA Trading Company is a multi-faceted conglomerate managing complete gold, diamonds, and semi-precious gems supply chain dynamics across the globe. From Sourcing & mining to processing & production and downstream retail and trading, it is unique for providing customers and partners a complete solution in the entire value chain – from mining to end users.

Our Core Objective

UVA Trading Company has for several years decided not to invest in a growth-oriented marketing strategy. Their online presence had been ignored, and so their business fell sharply. So they approached us to make a website for their business.

Although the client knew what they needed, they were not sure of the website design. He wanted the design of his website to be the best way to show the visitors what is going to be done with the next click. The website required that maximum customers be attracted.

Our Strategy

It was important for us to understand the UVA Trading Company and its core functions properly before the design and development process began. We analyzed and then follow a step by step strategy on the developing website.

  • Idea
  • Design
  • Development
  • Deployment

How We Overcome Obstacles

Well Organized Content
The UVA content was very different than the other company websites. Not only did they mention their services or products, but also explained the process clearly and let the visitors know how it goes. We needed to make many changes during the process even after we had created a proper plan, to create a perfect website.
Attractive UI/UX and Graphics
An important part of conveying the business message is the user interface and graphics and a lot of work have been required in developing graphics and design layout for UVA. We don’t just implement graphics on the homepage but also in all subpages of the UVA website many efforts were made to design this graphic.


As a result of our commitment, we have created a very attractive website with lots of features, so that the client was more than happy to see the website.

All information is not just correctly provided using the relevant graphics, from the home page and scrolling over the inner pages, but is also organized in perfect order. It is sufficient to let visitors understand the products and services that it offers.

Our expertise and talent have helped us to develop a website in the best way possible, to help the customer turn visitors to customers as far as possible. the client is able to experience business growth through the responsive design, user-friendly interface, and the enhanced website functionality.

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