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Glimpse about the Company

CORE Design is a Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu based Interior Design Company.  They are well known for their End to end turnkey interior work. Core design makes a creative interior design with the knowledge blended with the latest interior design trends. The enterprise has been involved in a number of turn-key projects. Core design has created a highly qualified team which can undertake architectural and structural ideas design and execution.

Our Objective

Company: Core Design

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As the reputed interior design firm, Image is the main concern for Core Design. They are looking for a website that should reflect their ideas along with the touch clean and modern interface that should engage potential customers and keep inspire existing customers. And they are also looking for a contact form that's easy to use, as many potential customers want to ask about design services online. The company also wanted to keep and edit their website easily. They can be flexible and update images with changing design trends.


For Core design, the major concern is that their website should look attractive and fascinating. Although their website is the showcase of their ideas and design works so the very much fixed about the website looks.  Simply they couldn't make the wrong impression on an unattractive website. They needed us to focus on the images that should be user-friendly and easy to read and understand. One of the challenges was to have a website full of images that take forever to load. They also needed a responsive design that allowed their website to be viewed from anywhere, as many customers are looking for on – interior design services. Our client is also looking for a website, which you can update easily. When design trends are changing regularly, something was needed to reflect new trends and new projects without a major revision of the site.

How We Overcome the Challenges

How We Overcome the Challenges

Using our huge catalog of templates, Core design was able to find a style that featured clean lines and a modern look. This was the perfect blank canvas for showcasing their design ideas.

We started Core Design project by analyzing and researching their competitors and customers’ needs. We started the project by meeting the client and presented our ideas and design suggestions to learn about their requirements and goals for the site. In order to correct any possible problems, we ensured that all the design details are covered and that we worked with the clients and the design team to resolve them while navigating the website.

The various parts of their services could be shown by dividing their websites into several pages. This enables clients to quickly find the services, whether they are office interiors, interior furnaces or refurbishments. Potential customers can also easily reach with a clear contact page and a simple contact form.


At the end of June 2018, we created the website that reflects their ideas and design style and we deliver it on time without any delay.

Some key features in the project

  • We implement minimal coding methodologies and make the site load faster
  • Their potential customer feel website attractive and easy to navigate
  • Their works like fluid in all new devices from desktop, mobiles, tablets

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